December 2008

今天被告知,我可以管我自己叫 Christmas cake。

From: Mark
Sent: Tue 12/9/2008 6:55
To: John; CSS – Customer Support Team
Subject: RE:

Dont forget lazy.

Cant be slow without being lazy..

From: John
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 4:53 PM
To: Mark Hawk; CSS
Subject: RE:

You guys are slow.  Too slow.  I’ll give you to the 12th then.  This way, the UK folks won’t be confused.  12/12 is the new deadline.


From:   Mark Hawk 

Sent:   Monday, December 08, 2008 4:51 PM

To:     John ; CSS

Subject:        RE:

Um, I hate to say it, but December 5th was last Friday…….

From: John
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 4:48 PM

《前略》。。。  I hope to meet our committed date of 12/5/2008. That’s December 5th for our UK folks, not May 12th. 



CFA=NOLIFE, it is from someone else’s ID. And yes, I would say I agree with it.
I didn’t have a life for at least 3 month.
Now I am back. I won’t be surprised that I will find so much have been happening and so much the world has been changed.
But before getting into that, I really want to write down what have happened, how much it worthed.
I could never expected I would feel so great after it is done.
I have struggled with getting into study. I have been fighting with myself for at least half a year. There was an evil inside me, preventing me from doing anything meaningful.
I managed to get myself undercontrol in Sept. I finally was able to sit there for several hours and start to understand somthing.
I somehow accepted the fact that I royally screwed for this test because of my amazing procrastination skills :(
I didn’t give because I never give up, because I got a banch of people to study with, because everyone was telling me Yes, you can. because…..I just didn’t have had any reason to escape.  I worked normally hard in Sept and OCt.
I start to feel I am screwed again in Nov, after taking some few practise exams.
I promise I have never scored above 70 – ohn if it is not important, – I have never finished a full morning/afternoon session on my own.
My weekends are all contributed to this study. Without seeing much outcome, I started to feel frastrated, disappointed and hopeless. haha. Can’t be believe and don’t remember how bad I felt. I might have felt exhausted, tired, overchanleged – that was just not me.
No matter how I feel, it comes at time flows, the test day is coming. I have had my own bottomline – get at least one part over 70%. Yes, that’s it.
I was amazed after morning session was done. I had fiinished everything and had spare time – it never happened in my life. haha.
It was just so easy, a lots of 5s Qs easy to nail down(or even skip)
I was still expecting afternoon sesson will be much tougher but it wasn’t. I could finish ealier again. This is just never have been imagined in my life.
I think I am feeling great because of ‘having had plenty time finsh up’.
I went dinner with one of my favorite friend, I said I am worried I will have nothing to do again. haha.
I am really glad that this had a happy ending. Test day gave me a joyful experience which I want to look back.
I get to know myself better by chanlenge more, it is exciting that you see you know how far you can go and how much potentil it is there.
I get to have the sense and understand the humor like  ‘ I’d go long on nacked options’.
I feel like I went for a trip and now back and growed.
anyway, this might not make sense to others but just it records a page of my true life.